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Samuel Staten, Sr-A Philadelphia Icon

An iconic labor leader and humanitarian, Sam Staten Sr passed away on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. Son of Shedrick and Minnie Staten, Sam was born in Jacksonville, FL, in 1935. He is the retired Business Manager of Laborers’ Local 332, an organization that played a major role in shaping labor and politics in Philadelphia where he gained his reputation as a leader.
Sam Staten, Sr cam up through the ranks working ten years as a construction laborer before becoming a Field Representive iin 1970, Assistant Business Manager in 1973, and being elected in August 1978 to the office of Business Manager. He retired from that position in May 2008.
At Local 332 SAm Sr. redirected the energies of the members to improve their work skills, to get involved in improving the community and taking care of each other. A Sergeant of Arms Committee was established to provide scholarships for the children of Local 332 members and an Emergency Relief Commmitteee was set up to provide financial assistance to members who encountered catastrophic experiences such as fires, evictions and   foreclosures.
In 1991, Sam Staten Sr established the Local 332 Retiree Council-the first in the region for Laborers.

Sam Staten, Sr’s leadership was demonstrated in a wide array of elected and appointed positions including Secretary-Treasurer of the Laborers’ District Council, board member of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, member of the African American Chamber of Commerce, President of the Philadelphia Building Trades Council, and much more.

Mr Staten has received hundreds of awards and honors from Mayors, Governors, Legislators, and non-profit organizations. But his biggest honor came in December, 2014 when the Laborers’ District Council honored him by naming its newly built office building at 665 N. Broad St-The Sam Staten, Sr Office Building.

Sam Staten, Sr was a man of opportunity. He created opportunities for many people. He found ways to say “yes”. He took care of people. He loved people and they loved him back. He was truly one of a kind and will be remembered, but missed.

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