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Picture Gallery from the Friends of Labor “Black Tie Event”

What a wonderful event! The Friends of Labor Committee’s Black Tie Event raised thousands of dollars for charity, honored two well-deserving Community members, and helped some kids for College! The event captured the spirit of our Local! The “Sammy” an award that is giving to an Outstanding Member of the Labor movement and a well deserving member of the general community. This year the Sammy was given to Mr Ryan Boyer, the Business Manager of the Laborers’ District Council of Philadelphia and Vicinity and Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell. In addition to the awards, city and state citations extended to this years Sammy’s award recipients, our Friends of Labor Committee raised thousands of dollars in charity that we extended to numerous worthy organizations. ..


2015 Recipient List

Nathaniel Sabir Scholarship-$ 8,000.00

Fair Housing Rights Center-$ 5,000.00

Knoxville College Alumni Scholarship Fund-$ 3,000.00

Sultan Jihad Ahmad Scholarship Fund-$ 3,000.00

Universal Community Homes- $ 3,000.00

Teenshop-$ 3,000.00

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Philadelphia-$ 3,000.00

Right Foundation-$ 3,000.00

Ducky Birts Foundation-$ 3,000.00

Strawberry Mansion Community Learning Center-$ 3,000.00

We Won Helping Youth-$ 3,000.00

St. Paul Community Center-$ 2,000.00

Mesothelomia Fund-$ 2,000.00

Modern Legends Drill Team & Acoustics-$ 2,000.00

TOTAL GRANTS-$46,000.00

This is how we contribute to our community! Please take a look at a special picture gallery of this event