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The Wind Beneath Our Wings-2015 Picture Gallery


Every year, Laborers’ Local 332 honors special members who have provided time and service to our Union. On Saturday, April 18, 2015 we held our Fourth Annual Wind Beneath Our Wings Awards Dinner to honor nine of our members for outstanding service. Business Manager Sam Staten Jr provided a brief decripescribed their service our honorees in a moving tribute:

“The members we honor tonight contibute to our organization in so many ways; they man our Election Day operations, provide security at events, serve meals, raise funds for our scholarships and emergency relief for our members through cabarets, raffles, and other drives. They literally raised tens of thousands of dollars each year for charities throughout the Philadelphia region. They are proud of our Local and they want it to be a light for so many” Business Manager Sam Staten Jr

This year’s honorees are:

Renee Bacon
Carol Gordon
Peter Lyde Sr
James McDermott Jr
Archie Miller
Hanif Oree
Sibley Robinson
Herbert Tyler
Tracey Weatherly