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Sam Staten Sr Drive-A Street Naming and Dedication

On a hot, muggy Saturday morning in July-Members of Laborers’ Local 332 came out to our Union Hall to honor an Icon of the Laborers’ movement!
The late Sam “The Boss” Staten Sr, who passed away at the age of 80,  was recognized for his life-long dedication and hard work by having Wallace street from Broad street to 13th street declared the ‘Sam Staten Sr Drive.
For many years, members of Laborers’ Local 332 have driven and walked Wallace Street to the Union Hall searching for opportunities that simply were unavailable in so many other places. So many of us can remember with gratitude, affection, and warmth turning to Sam Staten Sr for help and assistance.

He delivered!

So it is only fitting that the street that our Union Hall is located is now called Sam Staten Sr Drive!

At the street naming and dedication, several political and union leaders offered kind words about Sam Staten Sr. Our business manager, Sam Staten, Jr., delivered a moving tribute to his late father which reaffirmed the commitment of Laborers’ Local 332 to continue the legacy of working hard and helping others.  The highlight of this moving dedication was the bonds of brotherhood and closeness of our members has we looked up with pride at the new sign:  Samuel Staten Sr Drive!

Please take a look at our Photo Gallery of this event: