Friday, September 24, 2021
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Philadelphia Convention Center -New General Foreman -Rick Jones

There is a new spirit and a positive vibe down at the Philadelphia Convention Center. With the weeks of strife and bitterness concerning the Center now over, the Laborers’ along with the other signatory Unions of the new 10-year customer-satisfaction agreement, are moving full steam ahead. This bright new attitude has been duly noted by exhibitors who are now returning to the Convention Center. More shows means more work for us at Local 332! In helping to make sure that we can handle the increasing work load efficiently, Laborers’ Local 332 has selected a new general foreman, Rick Jones, a long time convention center worker.
Mr Jones’ job is to ensure that the work is distributed fairly amongst the members and to maintain a good working relationship with the Convention Center administrators, contractors, and exhibitors. Laborers Local 332 Business Manager, Sam Staten Jr stated:

“More shows are coming to the Center and we want to make sure that the jobs are distributed fairly. We are about our members getting work”

It is also important for our members to be ready and to keep in mind the LIUNA Code of Performance. Our performance is critical to the success of the Convention Center, and the new General Foreman is confident that our members are ready for the challenge!

“We have a nice, strong core of workers here-a good crew.”, said Rick Jones. “There will be more shows, more jobs, and we will make sure that everything is fair for the members”

It’s a new day down at the Convention Center and the members of 332 are ready!