Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Congratulations to 50 Year Member-Robert H. Poulson

Our members are truly special! They are honest, hard working men and women dedicated to making union membership an honor and privilege. At Laborers’ Local 332, we take pride in recognizing members who sacrifice and are committed to making our Union what it is today.
Robert ‘Bobby’ Poulson is one of those members! We recently recognized Mr Poulson for 50 years of special service. Everyone who knows Mr Poulson knows that he is a member who spends time at the Hall helping out in any way he can, and he provides much needed advise and counsel to so many.
It gives us a great feeling to honor Mr Poulson for his many years of service to Laborers Local 332!
50 Years as a Member of Laborers’ Local 332! Congratulations Mr Poulson