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The 2018 Labor Day Parade and March

Members of Laborers’ Local 332 came out in force today to join fellow Union Members from across the Philadelphia area.

The 30th Annual Labor Day Parade brought together a wide range of working Americans, political leaders, and families to recognize Unions great contribution to our nation.

As our members came together in a sea of orange shirts and 332 hats, we were aware of the enormous challenges that Unions face today. Our unity of purpose is of vital importance to face forces committed to turning back the clock on our hard-fought gains.
There is no doubt about the current efforts of Republicans bent on removing our current Governor, Tom Wolf from office and replacing him with an anti-union Governor who will undoubtedly work to make Pennslyvania a ‘Right to Work” state.

So while the Labor Day parade was indeed a joyous gathering of brotherhood, there was a sense of serious purpose about protecting our rights and dignity as working men and women against people who would deny us fair wages, benefits, and other necessities for a decent life.
Laborers’ District Business Manager, Ryan Boyer eloquently articulated the spirit of today’s Labor Day March.

Today, September 3rd, 2018, The members of Laborers’ Local 332 joined hands and hearts with their fellow Union members in Philadelphia to
“Sacrifice and service is what Labor Day represents. Many workers fought and died to make the corporation and government to give workers basic rights, protections, a safe work environment. Without to American Union movement there would not be a standard 40 hour work week or an 8 hour work day. Corporations and the politicians they paid the average American work 14 hours a day and 6 days a week without overtime and a many of these workers where young children.

Today we have a Weekend because of the battles fought and won by Unions. If we allow them to weaken to voice of Unions we will quickly return to child sweat shops and longer work days without compensation. Unions are even more important now than they were then because they companies are now international and have more power. So, either join a Union or thank a Union member for their tireless work on behalf of workers.”

Let’s get ready to mobilize to fight for our rights as Union workers! Please take a look at the picture gallery of this powerful event.