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Get Involved!-Committee Activities & Events at Local 332

There is so much going on in the City of Philadelphia and across the nation that can impact our livelihood as Union Laborers!
With numerous building projects and efforts all around the city, it is very important that as members of Laborers’ Local 332 we stay active in our local! Our political activity is extremely important. There is no doubt, we have people who will use any means necessary to reduce our pay, slash our benefits, and undermine our ability to make a decent living. As a result, the upcoming Nov 3rd Election is extremely important. We have to vote for candidates that uphold principles of fairness, human concern and compassion for working people. We have to elect Jim Kenney for Mayor of the City of Philadelphia. In an extremely important race for the Supreme Court, we are supporting Kevin Dougherty (D) 102 for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as well as David Wecht (D) 101 and Christine Donohue (D) 103 for the Court! We need Judges on the Court that will be fair to working people Please read this special message from our Business Manager-Sam Staten Jr.

WE MUST VOTE! Take a look at this brief video featuring Local 332 Member Warren Price:



We have several committees, the Political Action Committee, the Retiree Committee, the Sergeant of Arms, the Emergency Relief Fund, and the Friends of Labor Committee.

The Friends of Labor Committee is holding a special event this Saturday-the 20th Annual Charity Award Dinner where we are honoring Laborers’ District Council Business Manager, Ryan Boyer and City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell: Click HERE for details.
The Friends of Labor Committee is also sponsoring a special Coat Drive where you can donate your used but good conditioned Winter coats and jackets to be distributed to the homeless.

With the upcoming statewide elections and the 2016 Presidential Elections approaching it is also very important that we be politically active. With efforts of State legislators to pass “Right to Work for Less” bills designed to inhibit us from collective bargaining for fair wages and benefits, it is only with your committed activity and effort that we can maintain our future to secure good paying jobs! So our marching in the Labor Day Parade, our involvement on picket lines, our voter registration efforts, and our political involvement are all efforts aimed at helping us to get and keep jobs for our membership! Get involved! Join the Effort