Monday, February 6, 2023
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Next Generation-First Annual Father’s Day Brunch

The Next Generation Committee of Laborer’s Local 332 held a  very emotional, heart-warming event yesterday that our members will long remember!
The First Annual Father’s Day Brunch honored some special fathers in our Union while reminding us all of the responsibilities we owe to our families. This Brunch served as a celebration of the importance of being a father and highlighted why we work so hard as 332 Union members.  At the Brunch, several men were honored with an award called the “Patriarch” Award and Malik Staten, Business Agent of Local 332 summed up why the committee decided to issue the award:
“We need something for fathers and families….and we wanted to convey that you have to be strong for your family, and that you have to be there for them….”
The receipants of this year’s “Patriarch Award” were:
Vince Chandler Sr., Steven Gary, Jabari Savage, Frank Speakes, Business Manager Sam Staten, Jr, and Tracy Weatherly
The event’s aims can be summed up in this poem by an unknown author given out at the Brunch:

“The most beautiful and difficult task to partake in is parenthood
Fatherhood is particularly challenging; it requires patience and understanding
Something most men don’t practice often enough
The patience to impart your exact thoughts to all who are following your lead
The understanding to realize your children
will be your greatest accomplishment
For they carry your proverbial torch, legacy, and destiny
Guide them with your mental presence, not just your physical presence
Let your influence inspire them to be greater than they can imagine
Above all else
You cant be a blank slate, Your children should know what you would think about this or that
You are the anvil on which they hammer out their deal with the world be a presence in their lives-
and their minds

Please take a look at this picture gallery of the event, and stay tuned there will be more to come!

Here is a special Father's Day Message from our Business Manager, Sam Staten Jr and his son, Malik Staten: